„A new method for sugar juice purification using reclaimed (recycled) calcium compounds (Ca) and a progressive system for saving production costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in sugar (sucrose crystal) production from beets and in refining any raw sugar, especially from sugar cane.“

The RECLIME® Method uses milk of RECLIME® at raw sugar juice purification. It consists of reclaimed and hydromechanically processed compounds of calcium chemically doped with milk of lime. The RECLIME® Method is able to reduce the total consumption of lime (CaO) down to 0.3 - 0.7% on beet depending on beet quality. By contrast it takes about 1.0 to 1.8% on beet of lime (CaO) use in most sugar factories to ensure good filterability of sugar juice, while up to 2.5 % on beet with damaged beet.

Benefits of using the RECLIME® Method for sugar juice purification:

  • Reduced raw limestone consumption of up to 70%;
  • Reduced coke consumption of up to 70%;
  • Reduced milk of lime consumption of up to 70%;
  • Reduced levels of carbonatation sludge (lime cake) discharge of up to 70%;
  • Reduced number of filter press cycles required of up to 70%;
  • Reduced loss of polarization sugar in the carbonatation sludge (lime cake) of up to 70%;
  • Reduced amount of added water used for carbonatation sludge (lime cake) desweetening and for lime (CaO) slaking in the lime slaker of up to 70%;
  • Reduced number of returned thickened portions (from decanting centrifuges, sludge thickener filters, vacuum filters, etc.) of up to 5% on beet;
  • Reduced energy consumption for thin juice evaporation of up to 5%;
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions of up to 10%;
  • Reduced electric power consumption needed for pumping the carbon dioxide of up to 70%.

Other benefits of using the RECLIME® Method for sugar juice purification:

  • Balanced and accelerated beet processing due to improved filtration after the first carbonatation;
  • Accelerated settling of the first sludgy carbonatated juice inside the decanting centrifuge (up to 6 - 12 cm in the 1st minute);
  • Reduced electric power consumption needed for pumping the materials and reduced wear on the pumps because of reduced material flow at purification;
  • No waste water is created when using the RECLIME® Method;
  • Possibility for doubling the processed beet capacity without increasing the capacity of lime kiln and lime slaker;
  • Simple and fully automated equipment operation of the RECLIME® Method;
  • Increased sugar factory competitiveness due to savings to costs of production.

Increased decantation and carbonatated juice filtration efficiency is achieved when using the RECLIME® Method. One significant advantage is that the RECLIME® Method enables processing of low quality or even damaged beet with 78% raw sugar juice purity (Q) without limitations to decantation and filtration after the first carbonatation.

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